Christmas workshops NOW available to book...Learn, Explore, Create, Fun

Time for YOU!


Creative courses to detox the mind.

Time for YOU, is a creative detox for all YOU busy people out there! Work, children, shopping, commutes, social media, play dates, school runs, meetings...just to name a few of our growing to do lists! STOP! 

YOU have permission to STOP and take time for YOU. 

Our time for YOU taster courses are held in our newly built bright and welcoming studio in the heart of Harpenden. We offer an introduction into the world of crafting, through exploration of different craft materials and tools. 

When we learn a new skill and make something that we feel proud of, our dopamine levels increase. Dopamine is the ’feel good’ hormone and is often referred to as your brains ‘natural antidepressant’. The right amount of dopamine is vital for both physical and mental well being. 

Crafting is a great way to detox our busy minds. It helps create well being and allows us to escape from our daily life.  We have chosen a selection of crafts which are both fun and easy to do.  Here at Poppyseeds home art and craft studio our mission is to help you find peace of mind through exploring and creating around our crafting table. Who might even meet NEW likeminded friends. 


'Find inner peace as your mind unwinds and your fingers sing...'

Choose from a selection of courses;

  • Candle making
  • Button art
  • Paper crafting on canvas
  • Scrabble art in a boxed frame
  • Decopatch